New Zealand Grappler aims to provide a positive and safe environment for New Zealand grapplers of all ages to test their hard earned skills. With very few competition venues available within New Zealand, we want to provide a regular tournament circuit for grapplers needing more experience before moving on to the next level. Our competitions are fair and well run, always considering the competitor’s sake above all. We always welcome feedback that will help improve our future events. replica-watches Replica Watches replica watches

New Zealand Grappler is headed by Steven Oliver of Oliver MMA. Steve is a Gracie Barra black belt who has been grappling for a decade and a half. He has seen BJJ and submission wrestling grow in popularity worldwide, but still sees a need to boost the sport within New Zealand. With the cooperation of other academy affiliations within New Zealand, Steve has created New Zealand Grappler in attempt to provide a non-political platform for all New Zealanders to compete for the sake of the sport. Grappling and BJJ doesn’t belong to anyone, so the more Kiwis unite on providing an unbiased competition platform, the better our athletes will become when it comes time to represent New Zealand in overseas competition.

ATTENTION PARENTS AND COACHES fake watches Breitling Replica Replica Breitling

Our events intend to bring the traditional martial arts values and moral codes to the young generations by introducing the young athletes into the competition experience in a healthy family orientated environment. In order to keep a nice respectful atmosphere during the competition the cooperation of the coaches, parents, and staff is needed and appreciated. Any misconduct during the event will not be tolerated.