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14 October 2017

Results for 2017 NoGi Regionals Auckland

Top Adult Academies were Oliver MMA, Tu Kaha, Atos Jiu-Jitsu Auckland, Zero Gravity Martial Arts,…
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14 May 2017

Results for 2017 Gi Regionals Auckland

Top Adult academies were Tu Kaha, Sorisso BJJ, Oliver MMA, Gracie Gym NZ, Axis Christchurch…
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8 August 2016

Results from 2016 Gi Nationals

NZ Grappler had its record competitor turnout for the 2016 Gi Nationals. Over 480 competitors…
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4 August 2016

Competitors List 2016 Gi Nationals

Registration is closed and competitors list is up. Please ensure your name, age, weight, and…
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18 June 2016

Schedule for 2016 Gi Regionals Wellington

Here is the schedule for SATURDAY 19th MAY 2016 at KAPITI COLLEGE in Kapiti: 8:30…
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