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Results for 2017 Gi Nationals

By 6 August 2017Top News, Tournaments

The 2017 Gi Nationals has been the largest New Zealand grappling tournament to date with over 550 competitors vying for a national title. Top Adult Academies were TuKaha, Oliver MMA, Sorriso BJJ, Carlson Gracie NZ, and East Ocean. Top Kid Academies were Oliver MMA, Gracie Gym, TuKaha, Sorriso BJJ, and Southern Tribes. Top 3 National adult teams are ATTNZ, TuKaha, and Will Machado. Top 3 National kids teams are ATTNZ, Will Machado, and Gracie Gym. Winner of Men’s Purple-Brown-Black Absolute is Bruno Corvello of DS Team. Winner of Women’s Absolute is Gase Sanita of Marcelo Lopes Team. Winner of Mens Blue belt Absolute is Henry Burns of Atos Auckland (City BJJ).

All Division Winners

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