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Schedule for 2015 Gi Regionals Auckland

By 23 May 2015News, Top News

Schedule for the 2015 GI REGIONALS AUCKLAND is now ready to review. We will follow the Bullpen format for weigh ins. Weigh ins for adults will occur when the division is called to the bullpen. Once in the bullpen, competitors are NOT allowed to leave until they have completed competing in their division. We will have the order of the division call out and mat assignment posted Sunday morning at the event. All divisions will be double elimination.

8-9 am Weigh In KIDS

10am -1pm KIDS compete (3 min matches)

For adults, all weigh ins are done when each belt’s weight class is called. All competitors of a weight division will be called up at once for weigh ins and uniform check. The order of running brackets will be posted Sunday morning at the event. Once weighed in, you are NOT allowed to leave the bullpen area. If you do not weigh in when called to the bullpen, you will be disqualified after about 5 minutes of calling your division up.

1-2 pm BROWN-BLACK (8 min matches), PURPLE (7 min matches)

2-3 pm BLUE (6 min matches)

3-5:30pm WHITE belts compete (5 min matches)

All divisions are Double elimination, which guarantees 2 matches in your weight division. No Absolute division will be offered due to time constraints of double elimination.

Here are the sample bracket sheets for Double Elimination:

2 competitor division

3 competitor division

4 competitor division

5-8 competitor division

9-16 competitor division

Adults must check in after 9am but before their posted division start time. Check in ensures you have paid and qualifies you for the bullpen weigh in when your division is called. Remember you do not weigh in when you check in. You weigh in only when your division is called to the bullpen. The division start time are approximate times in which those divisions will begin. The mat assignment of each division and the order in which the divisions will be run on the mat will be posted on the wall at the event. Pay attention to the division being called to the bullpen or the match # being run on the scoreboard of your mat. This will help you understand what division is currently being processed, and help you determine when your weight division will be called next to the bullpen.

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