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Submission Only Tournament at NZ Fitness Expo

By 15 June 2015News, Top News

NZ Grappler is proud to present its very first submission only tournament, featured at the 2015 New Zealand Fitness Expo 11-12 July 2015. The tournament format will be much different from our standard tournaments in a few aspects:

  1. The only way to win your match is to submit your opponent. There are no scores, no advantages, no referee’s decision.
  2. Each match duration is 20 minutes or until someone is submitted or disqualified.
  3. Weight divisions are decided after registration closes to ensure that everyone is included in a reasonably sized bracket.
  4. Upon submitting someone in the previous round, you will be placed in another bracket with another person who has also won his previous match. Bracketing of the subsequent round will be randomly done, with the exception of ensuring you are not matched with your teammate until the very last round.
Experience Divisions are as follows:
Saturday 11 July 2015 (Gi competition)
  • White belts
  • Blue and Purple belts
  • Brown and Black belts
Sunday 12 July 2015 (NoGi competition)
  • Beginner (White belts recommended)
  • Intermediate (Blue and Purple belts recommended)
  • Advanced (Brown and Black belts recommended)

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